Institute for Emergency Medical Sciences is run by the emergency medical sciences society, it is a not-for-profit educational society registered under the firm and society act 1973 (Under No 44) Government of Madhya Pradesh. IEMS is established with the vision of affordable emergency training with international benchmarks and to produce competent manpower in the field of emergency. Institute for Emergency Medical Sciences is not just an emergency medical training provider but an institute with a proven capability to impart emergency management skills to the entire spectrum of health care providers from first responders to highly skilled physicians. Its training activities are not just limited to Emergency medical technicians but it’s extended to first responders, nursing staff, interns, junior doctors, engineers, technicians, factory workers, mining workers, and specialists. The training programs conducted by IEMS include First Responder training programs; Australasian Registry Emergency Medical Technician program; Skill development Program; Essential Emergency care skills for nursing staff and junior doctors; Accident and Emergency Care Orientation training program for the doctors and nursing staff working in hospitals, community emergency awareness programs. The domain or the core content of training programs is not just limited to resuscitation but gives a broad look at the approach to the patients who have a medical condition that requires emergency medical care. Mass casualty management is also a part of a specially designed disaster management program.