About Course: Individuals at this job need to create X-ray images of parts of the human body using radiographic equipment under the guidance and supervision of Radiologist. They explain medical imaging procedure, prepare X-ray room & patient for procedure, operate & maintain X-ray machine, record radiological supplies, prepare report & document under Radiologist’s guidance, maintain records and carry out other administrative jobs as needed in

Min. Eligibility: Class XII in All Subject
Course Duration: 1 year
Course Content:

  1. Comprehend conventional radiological needs of patients
  2. Prepare the patient and the room for the conventional radiological procedures
  3. Operate and oversee operation of conventional radiologic equipment
  4. Process X-ray films/ Images
  5. Prepare and document conventional radiological reports
  6. Collate and communicate health information
  7. Ensure availability of medical and diagnostic supplies
  8. Act within the limits of your competence and authority
  9. Maintain a safe, healthy and secure environment
  10. Follow radiation safety guidelines
  11. Follow biomedical waste disposal protocols
  12. Follow infection control policies and procedures

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