Vinayaka home health care

Vinayaka home health care is a separate service division of IEMS.  Vinayaka home health care wishes to provide home health care to Indore and surrounding cities of Madhya Pradesh. As in current world scenario, life is running and couples are busy with their jobs, business or other affairs so it becomes difficult to devote time to elderly people or deceased family member due to lack of time. This harasses the family member as well as young couples because of the lack of care to elderly or needy family members.

We recognize the need of current world and decided to give healthy support to such families by providing different range of home health care services to a patient at home and this is limitless. Depending on the individual patient’s situation, care can range from nursing care to regular assistance for the elderly/diseased family members. This results to run life smoothly and happily for the patient and other family members with the support of such staff at home.

Staff is always reliable and having police verification. So family members including patient can feel safe & secure.

Our team always keep eye on the quality of services and your comfort. We care for you in very much affordable prices as professionals of the field. We offer the following services to make you SMILE:

Types of services                          Duration 1                              Duration 2

Nursing services                            6 or 10 or 12 Hrs                   24 Hrs

Nursing Assistant                           6 or 10 or 12 Hrs                  24 Hrs

Caretaker                                         6 or 10 or 12 Hrs                  24 Hrs

We give the best quality services with zero difficulties. We have a formal agreement paper where our services and terms are specifically mentioned. We assure the quality and safety of the client and our team.  We do have personal attention through call basis and we take weekly feedback from client to assure quality work and safety. We do personal visits as & when needed.

The Value of Providing Care at Home

Almost every person in the India has either personally received, or has a loved one who has received, fragmented care that led to poor outcomes and poor patient experience, despite considerable expense. The policy focus today on achieving the triple aim of better population health, better patient experience, and lower per capita cost is being driven to address these issues. Home health care is becoming a focus at the same time that the baby boomer population is becoming eligible for home care and expressing their preference to age in place. Most of old Indian patients prefer to stay in their own homes. So our services are always a great care to all needy families.

Benefits with the Home Health Care services:

  • Reduces unnecessary stays at the hospital and prevent money expenses of hospitals
  • Improved management of chronic conditions
  • Improved coordination and support
  • Improved transitions of care between primary care providers and inpatient facilities
  • Time saving and convenient easy technique for the patient and home members
  • More economic than the hospital procedures and value for money
  • Professional service providers coordinate with current doctor only if needed
  • Prevent and relive suffering and support quality of life for individuals and family facing a life threatening illness
  • Emotional support to family member and diseased or elderly family members
  • Covers all dimensions of health care including physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual to make patient/elderly family members healthy in 360-degree manner


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