Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Provider

PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) Course – Save Kids’ Lives

The Pediatric Advanced Life Support course teaches you real skills to save kids in emergencies.

You’ll learn:

– Top-notch CPR to restart little hearts

– When a child needs your help STAT

– How to spot breathing issues before they get dangerous

– To quickly treat shock and heart rhythm problems

– To use teamwork in fast-moving medical crises

– When to start life-support steps like IVs

– How to stabilize kids after cardiac arrest

It’s two days of hands-on practice with child mannequins. You’ll get experience with real cases so you’re prepared to save lives.

Pass the test and get certified! This course gives you the power to make a big difference for sick or injured children.

Advance Your Pediatric Life Support Skills with Institute of Emergency Medical Sciences

If you’re an experienced pediatric provider looking to take Emergency life saving skills in medical field for infants as a life-saver and acquiring new abilities and skills set to the next level, IEMS’s new PALS course delivers advanced education for managing critical pediatric emergencies.

Developed under the Guidelines of American Heart Association, PALS course builds to develop the knowledge & skills necessary to efficiently & effectively manage critically ill infants & children, resulting in improved outcomes.

The blended course includes:

– PALS online interactive modules to learn core concepts

– Your choice of 6 advanced modules for specialized pediatric emergency training

– In-person, hands-on skills session with real-world medical simulations

Earning your PALS Plus certification demonstrates your commitment to excelling in pediatric emergency medicine. You’ll gain extra skills and confidence to provide the most effective interventions for acutely ill or injured children.

Don’t just recertify – upgrade your life support capabilities! Enroll now in AHA PALS Plus to take the next step in advancing your pediatric critical care expertise.

Let’s Bring Life-Saving Skills to Your Pediatric Practice with IEMS PALS Certification.

As a pediatric healthcare provider, being prepared with critical lifesaving skills is imperative to deliver the best care for your young patients. Authorized from the American Heart Association our Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) course equips you with the knowledge and techniques required to effectively manage pediatric emergencies.

Rapid Pediatric Emergency Interventions

Calling all healthcare heroes! If you want the skills to save young lives when minutes matter most, our PALS course is for you. Whether you’re a nurse practitioner, physician assistant, EMT, respiratory therapist or other lifesaving specialist, this training prepares you to rapidly assess, recognize and stabilize critically ill or injured children. Gain the confidence you need to take quick, decisive action in high-stress pediatric crises.

Learn how to properly intervene young patients with their best chance at survival and recovery. Join us and expand your emergency response expertise – your new skills could profoundly impact the lives of children and families when they need it most!


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